5 Ways to Use Art to Deepen Your Faith Artists Laura and Jason Van Dyk share how art can enrich your Scripture engagement August 31st, 2022 Laura and Jason Van Dyk
5 Ways to Use Art to Deepen Your Faith
5 Ways to Use Art to Deepen Your Faith Artists Laura and Jason Van Dyk share how art can enrich your Scripture engagement August 31st, 2022 Laura and Jason Van Dyk
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How can art deepen your faith?

If you had asked us this question about 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have had much of an answer. In fact, we were in the middle of figuring it out for ourselves.

We’re Laura and Jason—parents to our little girl, Florence; artists with backgrounds in fine art and graphic design; and the people behind God's fingerprints, where we create art for people who love God’s Word.

Since 2015, we’ve sold thousands of prints and shipped our art to nearly 40 countries around the world. But a decade ago, we were young Christians dreaming of ways to combine our love for art with our love for the Bible.

We started by creating Scripture art: paintings and designs that displayed Bible verses visually.

At first, Scripture art was simply a passion project and a way for us to personally engage with God’s Word. But when God opened the door to pursue our art full-time, we realized that we could help other people discover the joys of engaging with Scripture through art. Now, that’s what we get to do every day!

As artists, creating art is just one way we worship our Creator. We’ve personally experienced how art helps us meditate on and memorize the Word of God. And, through our business, we’ve discovered how Scripture art can be an incredible witness in your home. Your children, family members, and friends are drawn to it. They read the verses and consider the imagery. That’s active engagement with the Word of God! And Scripture tells us that God’s Word will never return to him void (Isaiah 55:11). It will accomplish everything God intends.

Through art, you can partner with God by treasuring and sharing his Word. Whether you’re painting Scripture verses during your daily devotional time, making encouraging cards for your neighbors, or hanging up Scripture-inspired art on your walls, God promises to plant and water those seeds. All you need to do is remain rooted in the Word.

Here are five ways you can use art to deepen your faith.

Engage with Scripture through other people’s art.

When we first started God’s fingerprints, we were trying to solve our own problem. At the time, there weren’t many artists who were creating Scripture-inspired art we could use in our home. So, we had to make our own!

We love hearing how God uses our art to remind our customers of his love and promises. That’s why, in addition to our Scripture art prints, we offer free Christian wall art, free coloring pages, and free phone wallpapers. Our prayer is that these resources would help keep God’s Word at the forefront of your life.

Times have changed since we started God’s fingerprints. Today, there are so many other artists creating amazing artwork that incorporates or is inspired by Scripture. You can find many modern artists on social media apps like Facebook or Instagram. You can even find artistic Bibles like The Illuminated Bible, which we’ve really enjoyed.

Finally, don’t forget about the rich history of Scripture-inspired art. We’ve both been profoundly impacted by the Renaissance and the old masters like Da Vinci and Michelangelo. A few years ago, we went to Italy and saw their art in person. We remember standing in the Sistine Chapel for the first time, staring at walls and ceiling covered in artwork painted by Michelangelo in the early 1500s. We were literally surrounded with artwork that declares the truth of God’s Word. It filled us with an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder. Art like that makes you appreciate what people are capable of when they’re creating art for the glory of God. Almost every piece of art we saw during that trip was directly inspired by Scripture. And even though it’s a few centuries old, it is still blessing people today!

The key is to find art that inspires you and points you to God. Then, incorporate that artwork into your life and discover how God uses it to grow your faith.

Create your own art.

If you have a desire to create your own Scripture art, we’re so excited for your journey! We need more Christians to contribute to the art community.

One good way to start is doing a “52 Project” or “365 Project.” These projects encourage you to create art consistently, either once a week or once a day for an entire year. It’s a good way to start making art and keep going. It’s also how we both started making Scripture art as young believers.

If you want to illustrate Scripture but don’t know where to begin, try picking Scripture passages with concrete images. Jesus’s parables are a great example—just think of all the rich images in the Parable of the Sower. Or choose a verse with a strong image, like Jesus’s description of the vine and the branches in John 15:5. These powerful visuals can be potent reminders of God’s truth.

You don’t need to use imagery to create Scripture art. We also do lettering, which becomes the image itself! This is a great way for you to sit and meditate on the words of Scripture. In this case, we recommend choosing a verse that is burning in your heart. Let the passion you have for God’s Word and the power of that verse channel into your art as you write.

You can always improve your artistic abilities through practice, learning from an artist you admire, or taking a course to help you grow in your skill. But the most important thing is to simply choose an artistic medium you enjoy and begin creating art.

Don’t be afraid to play.

As you create art, it’s important to be okay with not being very good. We’ve grown a lot since we first started creating Scripture art, and sometimes it's a little awkward to look back at our early art. But that’s all part of the journey! 

Instead of being bogged down by the idea of perfectionism, treat the creative process as an opportunity to play and try new things. You’re drawing inspiration from God’s Word and co-creating with him! Tap into that deep love you have for Scripture. Experiment and make time for your art—even when it doesn’t feel productive.

The time you spend creating art inspired by God’s Word is precious. And your heavenly Father delights in the way you copy his creativity in your own life.

Share your art with others.

In the age of social media, this one can feel uncomfortable. But don’t discount sharing your Scripture art with others.

Sharing your art is a reminder that your art is not just for you. It’s for others, too! God can use your work to build up the body of Christ. He can also use your art as a witness for those who have not yet met Jesus. We are so encouraged when people share how God spoke to them through our art, or how the verse we illustrated was exactly the verse they needed to see on a difficult day. You can do the same for others!

When you share your Scripture art with the people in your life, you’re giving the Holy Spirit space to work through your art to encourage others. We can name so many artists whose work has inspired and blessed us through its clear connection to God and his Word.

Stepping out in faith and sharing your art is a wonderful way to contribute to God’s greater purpose. As with all the gifts God gives, your creativity and love for Scripture were meant to be shared! And God promises to use all our gifts and abilities to build his kingdom.

So, go ahead. Get creative! Think of new ways to share the truths of Scripture with the people around you through art.

Worship God through your art.

One of the biggest reasons we love what we do is because we love Scripture! For us, the time we spend creating art is a way to worship God. Glorifying the Creator through our creation is our motivation.

Sometimes, it can be hard to set aside distractions and focus completely on why you’re creating art in the first place. When we're feeling distant from God, the Scripture art we create often resonates less with us on a personal level. That's why keeping God at the heart of your creativity is so important!

Just remember—whether you’re writing a Bible verse or painting a scene from Scripture, you’re engaging with God's Word. Slow down. Ask God to draw near. Pray for him to work through your work to bless others. And thank him for the gift of engaging with his Word in such a fun and creative way.

We wish you the best on your journey of engaging with Scripture through art! May God bless you through the time you spend meditating on his Word.

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Laura and Jason Van Dyk
Laura and Jason Van Dyk

Laura and Jason Van Dyk are the remarkable artist duo behind God’s fingerprints—original Scripture art paired with illustration. They provide fine art prints that declare the truth of God’s Word for his glory. Laura, Jason and their young daughter, Florence live and work in Frederick, Maryland.

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