5 Christmas Activities: Celebrate the Bible with Your Family December 24th, 2013 Jennica Stevens
5 Christmas Activities: Celebrate the Bible with Your Family
5 Christmas Activities: Celebrate the Bible with Your Family December 24th, 2013 Jennica Stevens
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Christmas is about more than presents and waiting for snow. But how do you highlight the real story of Christmas with your family? Use these activities and Christmas crafts to spark reflection, discussion and Christmas fun based on the Bible’s story of Jesus coming to earth.

  1. Read the story.

    Read aloud the Christmas accounts from Matthew 1.1-2.23 and Luke 2. 1-40.

  2. Ask questions.

    Family discussion can drive home the message of Christmas in new, important ways. Use some of these questions to start conversations with family members of different ages.

    For younger children:

    • How did the shepherds react when they saw the angel?
    • How did the angel describe the Christ child?
    • Where did Jesus live as a child?

    For teens and adults:

    • What is the promise that Simeon sings about?
    • At Jesus’ birth, the angels sang, “Peace on earth to everyone who pleases God.” What is your reaction to that message? What role can you play in bringing peace to others?
    • What is special about Jesus’ birth?
  3. Make “Joy to the World” devotional cards.

    Supplies needed: Bible; 3x5 index cards, pens or pencils, drawing paper and crayons for younger children; large basket or bowl.

    Step 1: Gather members of your household in a circle and read together Psalm 98. Read it “crescendo” style with one person starting off by reading verse 1, another person joining in at verse 2, another at verse 3, and so on. The effect will be one of increasing volume as the psalm is read until all voices are joined together. At the conclusion of the reading, discuss the various ways joy is expressed in this psalm.

    Step 2: Distribute nine index cards, and invite members of your household to copy each of the nine verses of the psalm onto one of the cards. Encourage younger children to draw pictures to illustrate various verses in the psalm. Place all the cards and pictures in a basket or bowl. During family devotions throughout the week, select one or two cards and/or one or two drawings and encourage everyone to share how the Scripture passage speaks to them and how the Word “that became a human being” brings joy to their lives. Conclude each devotional session by singing “Joy to the World” or one of your favorite Christmas carols.

  4. Perform a Christmas litany.

    Ask a member of your family to read John 1.1-14 as a litany prayer, with the rest of the family members responding together, “AMEN! JESUS OUR TRUE LIGHT HAS COME INTO THE WORLD” at the end of verses 2, 4, 8, 10, 13 and 14. Conclude your devotion time by singing together “Joy to the World, the Lord is Come!” or one of your favorite Christmas carols.

  5. Create “Tidings of Comfort and Joy” greeting cards.

    Supplies needed: Bible; construction paper; old Christmas cards; scissors; glue or paste; stickers and/or glitter (optional); pens; crayons.

    Step 1: Fold a sheet of 8-1/2” x 11” construction paper in half. Cut out a picture from an old Christmas card and affix it to the front. Decorate the cover with stickers and/or glitter if desired.

    Step 2: On the inside write: “Tidings of Comfort and Joy,” “Our God Reigns,” “Our God is Here,” “With love and peace to you at Christmas.” Also copy John 1.14 somewhere on the card.

    Step 3: Encourage members of your household to make as many cards as possible and then deliver them to a local hospital or nursing home.

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Jennica Stevens
Jennica Stevens

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